Digital Archives for Trans Mississippi West


Digital Archives for Trans Mississippi West

The Civil War in the Trans Mississippi West took place primarily in Missouri and Arkansas. Of course, pre-war actions took place in “Bleeding Kansas”, too. A digital archive that is available online at consists of documents, photographs and artifacts from nineteen museums, archives and libraries from across the Midwest. The partners involved in this project are seeking to expand the understanding of the war in the Trans Mississippi West region by providing wider access to their collections.

In the summer of 2011 the Wilson Creek National Battlefield, in partnership with the Springfield-Greene County Library District, will launch an interactive museum for the entire Trans Mississippi Theater of the war. This project known as the Trans Mississippi Virtual Museum and Digital Photo Archive can be found here. The digital galleries will cover the roots of the war and the war years. It will feature sections on guerrilla warfare, medicine, naval warfare and the role of women. It will also cover the experiences of Native Americans, African-Americans and German-American soldiers.

The ultimate goal of each of these projects is to expand the public’s awareness and knowledge of the American Civil War.

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